Add/Remove Director

 The directorship changes of the company can be done at any time as per the requirement of the company. The change of directors can be addition or removal. There can be different ways of having changes in directorship which can voluntary or demand within the company. The demand comes in a board meeting or due to death or resignations of directors in the company. For such case, rules must be followed under the Companies Act.

The approval of shareholders is needed in a company only in a general meeting to have the changes in directorship. When AGM seems not possible for changes in directorship, an extraordinary general meeting is conducted. The required documents for changes in directorship are

 – Digital Signature

 – DIN for director

 – Director’s consent in form DIR-2

The details information that is needed in case of addition of directors:

 – Notice to all directors for board meeting call

 – Board resolution must be passed to call a general meeting

 – Notice to all the shareholders

 – The resolution must be passed in AGM and EGM

 – Form DIR-12 with MCA filing

Appointment needed for additional directors:

 – Notice to all directors for a board meeting

 – The resolution must be passed for the appointment

 – Form DIR-12 with MCA filing

 – Regularized resolution of additional directors in AGM

 – DIR-12 with MCA

In case of the removal of directors:

 A voluntary resign from the company and removal from the company of the directors with a reasonable cause can be done. However, in such cases, a maximum of 2 directorships can be done. A board resolution should be
passed in case of resignation letters from the director. The company has to apply with the form with MCA within 30 days of the resignation of a director. A director can be removed before the expiry term offered by passing
a shareholder’s resolution. The notice must be sent to all the members of the company. Every director in the company must hold shares by which new directors cannot be added however it is not compulsory to hold a share
for directors. Changes in directorship are possible without providing the shares of the company also. When the directors resign from his position, he/she must surrender the share hold by him/her but not necessarily as they
can still hold the share for the company even after resigning from the company. Every company is independent for the changes in their members however it is necessary to report such changes with legal rules and
authorities. If your company needs the changes in directorship, then contact our experts at Innovant to start the proceedings.

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