Annual Compliances LLP

 LLPs must file the annual return within 60 days from the closure date of the financial year and account statement and solvency within 30 days from the last 6 months close to the financial year. It is mandatory to maintain financial year, which is 1st of April to 31st of March, which makes the due date of annual return on 30th of May and the account statement and solvency on 30th of October of each financial year. It is also mandatory in case of LLP to file income tax every year. Innovante provides LLP annual compliances services with legal experts and understanding in depth.

Here are the dates that explain when and what to file accordingly:

 – 30th May: Form 11, Annual return requires numbers of Partners with their name and summary of the affair.

 – 30th Sep: Income Tax return is required to do a tax audit.

 – 30th Oct: Form 8, Accounts says details about profit and every other financial data.


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