Registered Address Change

 The registered address is the address where all the communications and billings of the company are sent. A registered address of a company can be a branch office as well. The address should be registered by the company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The registered address of the company determines the domicile of the company. Changes to the address of the registered company must be given to the registrar of the company within 15 days

 The important note is that the name, address in mentioned required bill or receipt should match with NOC from the landowner and rent agreement. If the company doesn’t provide the registered address of the company while filing for the establishment, Companies ACT, 2013 gives an option to the company to provide a temporary address for which the company has to declare the registered address by filing INC 22 within 15 days of company’s incorporation. Once the company declares the registered address by filing INC 22, the changes of registered address must be closed to the ROC. The requirement for any changes to the registered address within the same locality or are in the same city must be done within 15 days by applying while the approval is required bypassing the special resolution by the company for changing the address from one city to another.

The declaration of the registered address of the company must be submitted as documentary evidence. The basic documents which are required to declare a registered address of a company during the establishment are:

 – Electricity/Water/ Property Tax bills

 – NOC from the landowner for registered address

 – Rent agreement

The process of notice and verification:

The verification and notice during the changes of registered address must be filled in form INC 22 with the prescribed fees and should have the attachment to the form INC 22.

The documents should be attached in the prescribed form with the INC 22 for the verification of the registered address. The documents for the process of verification are:

 – The deed of the property in the name of the company is a requirement if the registered address of the company is owned by the company itself.

 – The lease deed or rent agreement is required for the registered address, which is on rented property.

 – NOC from the owner is required as proof by stating the company is provided to use the place as it addresses if the address is owned by the direct or any other individuals

Bills and other receipts:

 The updated bills or receipts should be attached in the above cases and should have the name of the company with the address.

 – Mobile/Telephone/Electricity or Gas bill.

These documents have to be passed to a particular resolution such as:

Special resolution:

 – In the general meeting, the changes in the registered office is to be passed if the changes in the address are placed outside the city.

Board Resolution:

 – The directors have to sign and submit the form INC 22 and needs to be passed in board resolution.

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