EPF Returns

 Any employers having pf registration are bounded to file PF return every month. The process of filing return must be done by the 15th of each month. The filing of return must be completed by the end of each month. The FORM 3a and Form 6A is used for filing returns while annual return needs to be filed by 30th of April in a provided year.

Information need for proceeding ahead for filing EPF return are:

In Form 2, Part A:
Name, address, subscribers’ relationship, age, total money to be paid by the nominee and must be signed with thumb impression.
Part B:
This should include information about family members eligible for a pension.
Form 5

 – The form must include the following details:
Name, Address and code of Organization

 – Employee account number

 – Employees name

 – Husband/father of employee

 – Date of Birth of Employee

 – Employment date and record of work

Form 10:

 The following details must be filled in the form:

 – Account number.

 – Name of employee and father or husband’s name

 – Date of leaving the service

 – Reason for leaving the service. Form 12A must include the information of the contribution to the account of the employee in a specified month

Annual PF return:

Annual returns must be filed by the 30th of April in a provided year. As discussed above, this file must include the following form:

 – Form 3A

 – Form 6A

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