EPFO Registration

 EPFO provides the coverage of provident fund, pension and life insurance for all workers. EPF refers to employee’s provident fund which gives the benefits of retirement schemes and available for all salaried employees. It is controlled and maintained by EPFO which stands for Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India. A registered company having more than 20 employees must get registered with EPFO.

Eligibility for EFPO:

Generally, all salaried employees are eligible for the EPF service but the employees who have the earning less than Rs. 15,000 PM has to get registered for an EPF account mandatorily. For employees earning more than Rs. 15,000 PM are not bounded to get registered for an EPF mandatorily however they can still get registered.

Application for Employers

It is mandatory to get registered for EPC for all the establishments  

 – A company having more than 20 or more members

 – Any other establishment employing more than 20 individuals


The Process of EPF Registration:

The following details and information are needed from the establishment to get registered:

 – Name, address and incorporation date of establishment

 – Establishment Type

 – Factory license number, date and place in case of factory

 – Details of the contact person

 – Identifiers

 – Employment details

 – Brand or Division if applicable

 – Type of Business

Here are the steps to follow for EPC registration for Employers:

Registration of the organization under EPFO

 – DSC registration

 – Employers details

These are the list of documents that must be submitted during the process of registration:

Applicant’s Name

 – PAN card

 – ID Proof

 – Address Proof

 – Contact details

 – Certificate of incorporation and MOA in case of the trust entity

 – Registration certificate and partnership deed in case of partnership firms

 – List of all partners and their proofs in case of partnership firms

 – Certificate of incorporation, ID proof of directors, DSC of Director, MOA & AOA in case of LLP

 – Voluntary application details of employees.

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