Producer Company

 A producer company is referred to as a company that has the aim of improving maintaining the living standard of farmers and agriculturists. It is incorporated under the Companies Act 2013. The minimum required members to form a producer company is 10 and 2 or more institutions.

The producer company can have objectives for the formation are productions, harvesting, procurement, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, export, and selling. The producer company has the aims and objectives to improve and provide facilities to the farmers which helps the farmer to handle and maintain the economies. The service helps the farmer to adopt the latest technologies for the betterment of their activities.

There are significant benefits to the producer company post-registration such as:

 – Separate legal entity

 – Reliability.

 – Easiness in management

 – Limited liability

Documents for the process of registration are:

 – PAN/Passport/Voter ID

 – Updated bank statement/ telephone bills.

 – Driver’s license

 – PP sized photos of the directors

Documents for the registration of office are:

 – Copy of electricity bill or any other relevant bill

 – Copy of rent agreement

 – Driver’s license

 – Property papers for owned ones

What are the requirements for the registration of a producer company?

 – Minimum of 5 directors and 10 members for the incorporation of the company

 – Minimum capital of Rs. 5 lakh and more

 – 4 Board meetings should be held every year with a gap of 3 months.

The process to get registered:

 – DSC of all the directors.

 – Obtain DIN of all the directors

 – MOA & AOA preparation

 – Incorporation application

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