Sole Proprietorship

Sole proprietorship is the type of business that is considered as the easiest and simplest version of a business firm. Although, it is not a legal entity. It can be referred to as an individual owning a business and solely responsible for all the debts. The bank accounts can often be found in the name of the Owner. It is not under formalities for meetings and votings for deep business.

There are several types of benefits for sole proprietorship which can be discussed below:​

 – It has complete authority and control over decision making and other forms of the business.

 – Sale and transfer could take place.

 – Not under any corporate taxes laws

 – Minimal investment to incorporate

 – Minimal requirements

 – Easy setups.

As said, benefits and disadvantages are two sides of the coin, here are some disadvantages for sole proprietorship:​

 – Owners are responsible for all the liabilities for the debts and losses of the business

 – Owners are not under the control to raise capital through interests sales in the business.

As discussed above, it is considered one of the best and simple businesses and easy to form the business

No legal formalities like form filings are required. Get more information in detail about the sole proprietorship through our experts at Innovante.

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